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5th Element Group PBC is a global business accelerator that drives growth using frontier tech for good.
Our mission is to deploy frontier technology to create capital that did not exist before, deploy that capital where it has yet to be deployed, and scale new forms of corresponding collaboration. Our vision is to help create a new socio-economic era that closes historic gaps in last mile inclusion and engages the “bottom billion” in creating quantum leaps for humanity, and for a better planet.
Our mandate is to achieve this with client-partners through six practice areas, which integrate traditional and innovative impact strategies to facilitate omniwin value exchange.

The Human Element
Connecting Great Leaders and Best Practices
We place Leaders Who Care© in purpose-driven organizations through our leading edge executing recruiting services, and offer best practices training in diversity and inclusion.
Collaboration Capital
SDG Impact Circle
By launching the Decade Of Women, Blockchain for Impact, the UN Frontier Finance Forum and more, the SDG Impact Circle has emerged as our global collaboratory for SDG Heroes.
Donor Advisory Services
The SDG Impact Fund, a 501(c)3 Independent DAF
The DAF with which we partner facilitates matched donations, MRI investing, amplification, and a world-class collaborative community of the like-minded working to achieve the SDGs.
Good Exchange Campaigns
Unlock Brand Donations Through Consumer Engagement
We leverage years of experience working with global brands to utilize the good exchange methodology to “unlock” funding for the SDGs from inline operating budgets by achieving brand KPIs.
Social Impact Raffles
Creating Global Gamification Initiatives for the SDGs

Through strategic partnerships, we are advancing global, blockchain-enabled gamification initiatives around each of the 17 SDGs to unlock millions of dollars of impact grants.

Digitalization Services
Strategy for Smart Securities and Digital Currency
We offer services to accelerate the development and promotion of market-leading digitalization initiatives through independent but affiliated partners.
Join us on the

As part of our dedication to collaboration as essential to accomplishing the UN Global Goals, we are making our way on the Quantum Impact World Tour, which includes 5th Element-sponsored events and initiatives led by the growing social impact-motivated community.

London Blockchain Week
February 7-14
Indian Leadership Conclave
February 16-17, 2019
Decade Of Women Confab
March 7, 2019
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See how our community is leveraging frontier tech for good!
Meena Narula_Women of Change Award_Decade Of Women

February 27, 2019

Emerging Movement of Women Entrepreneurs Celebrated in Delhi at Indian Leadership Conclave

Free Yezidi Goal Complete

February 28, 2018

Decade Of Women Announces Year-End Match Grant for Yezidi Women and Girls Exceeds Goal

London Shard

February 9, 2019
US-Based 5th Element Group PBC and Templum Markets Announced as Title Sponsors for London Blockchain Week

charity_ water - Goal Complete! - Post

February 1, 2019
$300,000 Match Gift for Women in Rwanda Helps Fuel $1.2M Year-End Micro-Donor Campaign for charity: water

Your dollar will be doubled in our two year-end match campaigns!

MEET PARI. In response to the near-complete devastation of the Yezidi people by ISIS, Pari Ibrahim has been building spaces for Yezidi refugees — mostly women and girls — to get psychological care and develop skills needed to re-enter society through the FREE YEZIDI FOUNDATION. Thanks to you, we have MET OUR GOAL and a $100,000 matching grant was unlocked to help change the lives of thousands of Yezidi women and girls!

CLEAN WATER. For people in developing countries, access to clean water can improve health, help kids go to school, and give women more time to care for their families and earn an income. CHARITY: WATER works with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution where they serve. Thanks to you, we have MET OUR GOAL and a $300,000 matching grant was unlocked to help change the lives of thousands of Rwandan women and girls!

Launching in Early 2019

A co-creation with, this is an evolution of the traditional community-based raffle, scaled through blockchain and digital technology to mobilize micro-donors around the world to work together to collectively finance the BHAGs required to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG 13
Pari Ibrahim | SDG 5 – Gender Equity
Joby Weeks | SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
Jeanine Becker | SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals
Alexandra Cousteau | SDG 14 – Life Below Water
James Sternlicht | SDG 14 – Life Below Water


Motivated by love and filled with passion. “SDG Impact Heroes” is a unique photographic series by Ralph Reutimann celebrating local and global leaders from all walks of life at the forefront meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each of the SDG Heroes holds a personal object symbolizing the single Goal they feel is most vital for them.
We believe that frontier technology can help us achieve a dignified, unified and decentralized world. We also believe that women are the linchpin to achieving this reality through their leadership in solving global issues. That’s why 5th Element has chosen to prioritize SDG #5 — Gender Equity — as the precursor for achieving all other goals.

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Community Members
Sharing excitement for the intersection of impact and frontier technology.
The ability to harness blockchain technology for purposes of establishing identity, sending and receiving digital currency – and being sure that it is used by the person for whom it was intended, tracking shipments, etc. arguably may help women to achieve full financial engagement and last-mile inclusion.
Joshua Ashley KlaymanCo-lead, Morrison & Foerster LLP’s Blockchain + Smart Contracts
Blockchain is the enabler to gender equality. It allows EVERY woman – the poor, the refugees and the modern day slaves – the ability to own, access and monetize their data, giving them the economic power needed to create equal gender equity. Utilizing blockchain to create equity for women can end extreme poverty and modern day slavery. Our partner 5th Element Group is helping lead the way.
Ashish GadnisCEO, BanQu
I participated in the Decade Of Women Collaboratory led by 5th Element Group…because this frontier technology represents a game-change moment when financial inclusion and independence for women can be achieved at a dramatic new scale. I’ll do all I can to make it happen with partners that can bring the change.
Todd MorleyFounder, G2 Investment Partners
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