5th Element Group Partners with YondoMondo to Support the Advance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

OCTOBER 8, 2021

5th Element Group Partners with YondoMondo to Support the Advance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

(New York, NY) 5th Element Group PBC is proud to announce a partnership with YondoMondo, an NFT (non-fungible token) project with a community purpose. YondoMondo has chosen the 5th Element Group to help steward and amplify its impact initiatives to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

YondoMondo is launching a massive fictional universe with a 10k NFT sale later in October. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, each character in the universe is 100% unique and created by computer-generated art, minted at random. Holders of an original YondoMondo will be able to vote on the future of this universe, organically co-creating the unfolding story including which SDG will be supported each quarter.

“We believe this has the potential to be a next generation Pixar model,” said Jim Van Eerden, Co-founder and Managing Partner for 5th Element. YondoMondo is world-class, participatory story-making in another world, with impact landing in our own world in ways we desperately need.

Secondary sales royalties from the first YondoMondo collection will be automatically deposited into an Ethereum wallet via smart contract to activate on SDG donations. Each activation will be accompanied by original YondoMondo artwork to carry the ethos of the charity partners, and will be available for auction/raffle to generate additional donations and awareness for non-profit partners.

YondoMondo’s launch and 4th quarter will focus on UN SDG #3: “Good Health & Well Being”. YondoMondo has chosen to support Charity Water, Hilarity for Charity (HFC) and the 30/30 Project at launch. YondoMondo’s 10k character sale will celebrate a 30% sell out with a $30,000 donation to the 30/30 Project Legacy Fund.

Started by Ryan Lewis and his family, the 30/30 Project was created as part of Construction for Change to improve access to comprehensive healthcare by building healthcare facilities staffed by local, on the ground professional healthcare providers. This work is particularly dear to YondoMondo’s co-founder, Jason Struhl, who went through a life-threatening hospitalization and surgery during the development phases of YondoMondo.

“Building new healthcare facilities in places where access to needed care does not exist is so central to improving communities and changing lives,” Struhl said. It’s an honor to me that the YondoMondo universe can support organizations like this.

5th Element co-founder Col. Ron Garan, an internationally acclaimed author and former NASA astronaut, noted that In order to inspire change, we must first capture people’s hearts and imaginations through awe and wonder. YondoMondo is creating the world’s first community driven sci-fi fantasy universe and inviting participation from every corner of the planet. It’s an adventure meant for us all to go on, together. This is the evolution of storytelling and of impact.

The YondoMondo collection allows anyone to own a piece of the next major animated universe by purchasing an original NFT from the first YondoMondo collection available for sale October 13, 2021 at www.yondomondo.com.

About YondoMondo

YondoMondo is an NFT collection minted on the Ethereum blockchain featuring 10,000 unique characters. Thousands of people join together from around the world to contribute to Yondo’s interactive universe and storyline in an ongoing co-creation between community and the creators. Celebrated Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshii collaborates with founders Jason Struhl, Jay Jacobs, and Kelsey Cole to bring this new addition to the growing NFT metaverse. www.yondomondo.com

About 5th Element Group PBC

5th Element Group PBC is a global impact consultancy. 5th Element has earned a reputation worldwide for creating unprecedented partnerships that grow enterprises, attract top talent, and result in a positive impact on society and the environment. Working in partnership with leader brands and some of the most respected non-profit organizations, the 5th team is focused on proving the thesis that brands can perform better by doing more good. www.5thelement.group