5th Element Leads Successful Search for CEO of National Women’s History Museum

APRIL 18, 2023

5th Element Leads Successful Search for CEO of National Women’s History Museum

Frédérique Irwin
National Women’s History Museum

National Women’s History Museum is excited to welcome our next president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Frédérique Irwin.

Frédérique has more than 25 years of experience in strategic management, nonprofit and commercial business, operations, impact, and entrepreneurship. She is a proven leader with the experience and vision to help us bring to life the remarkable role women have played in the American story.

“I am delighted to join the National Women’s History Museum, and their incredible staff and Board of Directors, at this exciting moment in time,” Irwin said. “Now is the time to bring more stories of local women’s history, tied to the national narrative, to communities around e country. The recent exhibition opening at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington DC is the first of what I believe will be key partnerships with libraries and cultural institutions across the country. My goal is to bring to life the Museum’s vision to inspire women, girls and all people with past and current stories of women in their own communities who have forged paths before them.”

With our recent inaugural in-person exhibit launching in Washington, DC and Frédérique joining our team, NWHM is embarking on an exciting new chapter of our mission to educate, inspire and empower future generations through women’s stories. To learn more, visit www.womenshistory.org.