Video Interviews

5th Element principals, Jim Van Eerden, Mark Sadovnick, Scott Rehmus and Col. Ron Garan discuss the nexus between purpose and performance.

5th Element partners including RB, Tata Trusts, Water for People and SDG Architect Jakob Trollback were filmed in Davos by India’s largest TV network at the 2020 World Economic Forum.

In this TEDx talk, Pratik Gauri espoused the dire need for a 5th industrial revolution, which would focus on the central tenets of humanity, purpose, and inclusivity.

He stressed the need to reinvent business as a force for good, by bending progress towards a noble purpose while continuing to hit all the KPIs. He suggested that businessmen, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders should all be involved in important company decisions.

In his interview with Jane King at NASDAQ Marketsite, Pratik Gauri explains how 5th Element Group is creating the 5th Industrial Revolution and aligning companies’ profits with purpose.

In this TEDx talk, Pratik Gauri explains how Human Life Value is exponential in potential and is the source of solutions to all local and global problems. He also explains how India will have strategic advantage for HLV because of demographic dividend.

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