SAP Joins and Other Partners in Effort to Support Clean Oceans Campaign

AUGUST 13, 2021

SAP Joins and Other Partners in Effort to Support Clean Oceans Campaign, a charitable sweepstakes platform powered by, is collaborating with SAP, a global market leader in enterprise application software, in a joint effort to support Ocean Voyages Institute (“OVI”) in their goal of ridding the ocean of one million pounds of plastic and ghost nets, one of the largest mid-ocean clean-ups in history. Ghost net plastic makes up the majority of all debris in the largest ocean garbage patch and kills an average of 650,000 marine animals every year.

SAP pledged to provide awareness, support, and insights for the efforts connected to the campaign, as a “Global Campaign Ambassador” for’s Clean Oceans Campaign with OVI.

SAP, whose systems touch 87% of all products bought and sold across the globe, announced their ongoing commitment to dramatically cleaner oceans by 2030 at the World Economic Forum in 2020. Backing that commitment, SAP has launched a Circular Economy program that enables businesses to rapidly move away from problematic plastics, connect packaging and consumer products companies to new sources of recycled plastics and plastic alternatives, and innovate new regenerative business models.

“As a global market leader that enables informed decisions, we are thrilled to have the support of SAP for this campaign because they are already working to mobilize individuals and corporations to make smarter decisions resulting in cleaner oceans,” said Tony DiMatteo, CEO of and “Their mission and expertise will have an incredible impact on the Clean Oceans Campaign and the global circular economy at large.”

“SAP is excited to be a Global Campaign Ambassador for the Clean Oceans Campaign,” said Stephen Jamieson, Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions at SAP. We’re maximizing our efforts by engaging experts like Emily Penn, ocean advocate and Director of eXXpedition, who we have worked with to develop the SHiFT platform, which tackles the issue of plastics in the ocean,” he added. “Becoming a Campaign Ambassador for the Clean Oceans Campaign to benefit Ocean Voyages Institute and applying solutions like SHiFT is an important actionable step for SAP to support our commitment to a plastic-free ocean.”

The alliance was initiated by 5th Element Group, a global impact consultancy. “SAP is a global leader in rallying companies and consumers toward a shared commitment to clean oceans, as well as a circular economy that can help sustain it,” said Jim Van Eerden, Managing Partner at 5th Element. “Pairing SAP with, Ocean Voyages Institute and the other Clean Oceans Campaign partners will help advance that omniwin initiative in material ways.”’s Clean Oceans Campaign supports the Ocean Voyages Institute and runs through August 31, 2021. Donors are incentivized to give by receiving entries into weekly prize drawings and a $50,000 Grand Prize. More information about the Clean Oceans Campaign can be found at