Digital Diagnostics Changing the Landscape of Health Care with Autonomous AI-Based Diagnosis Technologies, with Help from Partners at 5th Element

OCTOBER 22, 2020

Digital Diagnostics Changing the Landscape of Health Care with Autonomous AI-Based Diagnosis Technologies, with Help from Partners at 5th Element

The story of Digital Diagnostics began with Dr. Michael Abramoff and his desire to help his patients. In his experience as an ophthalmologist and retina specialist, Dr. Abramoff found that, too many times, patients with diabetic retinopathy came to see him after the disease had advanced too for them to receive optimal treatment.

Using his background in machine learning, Dr. Abramoff developed computer algorithms that would be able to make “autonomous” diagnoses, meaning diagnoses made without human oversight.

“Ultimately,” Abramoff says, “this means more people can get the treatment they need and that fewer people will become blind.”

When this breakthrough technology was cleared by the FDA in 2018, the first ever autonomous AI to receive such clearance, it meant a leap forward for the entire healthcare industry. The instantaneous results provided by the new diagnostic technology as well as the immediate referral to specialty care helps improve patient outcomes. Not to mention the significant cost savings in using an autonomous AI technology in place of eye screening visits with providers.

As with any breakthrough in technology, it takes time and a substantial investment of energy to change the system currently in place. In the case of Digital Diagnostic’s eye scanning technology, special consideration was required to make sure the computer scans were at least as safe and equitable as a diagnosis made by a doctor. It is no small task to convince patients, physicians, and the public to trust and accept autonomous AI technologies.

It’s here that Digital Diagnostics partnership with 5th Element has helped pave a way. By participating in The SDG Circle, the collaborative global community organized by 5th Element, Digital Diagnostics has been able to meet and connect with other business and industry leaders who will help advance their mission at events like this year’s World Economic Forum.

In addition, 5th Element’s Omniwin Consulting services have been instrumental in helping Digital Diagnostics develop relationships with corporate partners who will introduce the product into the marketplace, as well as government officials in Washington who will push adoption of this breakthrough technology.

“Digital Diagnostics has the potential to save many people from blindness,” says Ed Martin, Chief Omniwin Officer at 5th Element, “but more than that can be a global champion for bringing the full capacity of AI technologies to the biggest challenges of health care.”

Indeed, Digital Diagnostics has no intention to stop with their groundbreaking new autonomous AI, done the right way. All it takes is one conversation with Dr. Michael Abramoff to see that the potential of autonomous AI in health care is limitless.

“The team at Digital Diagnostics is a group of visionary leaders,” Martin said. “We will do everything we can to help them succeed, because as they succeed the world will be changing for the better.”