The Human Element


We commit to partner with Leaders Who Care® about their employees as human beings, and understand the higher value of a business model and culture intertwined with social enterprise. The result is attracting the very best talent who only want to work with leaders who care about their financial, physical and mental wellbeing, a growing business with opportunity, and positively impacting their local and global communities.

We take our partner relationships seriously (is that not preferred over just another vendor?). We represent management and the organization’s reputation and brand; and importantly, each person’s trust and confidentiality, and their individual and family interests.

5th Element Group has an ecosystem of relationships deep in quality and quantity. We are a global community, engaged with diverse cultures and languages (spoken and not), business and personal experiences, from Fortune 500 corporates to startups, private equity and family offices, to academic, government and nonprofit leaders, covering all industries and disciplines.

Forbes described it as “an outstanding global brain trust network.” This translates into knowing about great opportunities first and exclusively, as well as the “A” players who are only open to hearing about special positions. We uniquely include these relationships on our search teams, based on their expertise related to the specific position. Whether it is Finance or Investment, to Blockchain or Crypto, AI, Digital Transformation or ERP’s, Marketing or Supply Chain, etc.; with VC’s, P/E firms and Family Offices, or startups and large corporates; from tech to manufacturing, healthcare to space, sports and entertainment, Ag and Food, to Education, Nonprofits or Foundations, and more. We commit experts in search, the human element, and the specific qualifications of the discipline, for management to executive to Board, to conduct the most effective and timely search.

Our relationships are built upon good business, developed friendships and a shared vision; and these are deep relationships, built upon caring about your whole business and life journey. How we conduct a search positively brands our clients, and supports our consulting to align their brand with social impact and amplify their Brand Warmth; Resources in Wellbeing and DEI offered our clients, are valuable to attract ‘right fit, culture add’ talent for a reputation built upon valuing diversity, inclusion and trust. As does our commitment to equal access to education and opportunity, thru our expert Workforce Development partners, across multi disciplines and industries. These and other services differentiate 5th Element Group, and create “omniwin” opportunities within companies and in strategic partnerships.

We aim to be your partner, your go-to group for Leaders Who Care® about humanity and leading with passion, to put you and your organization in a position to win and to achieve your KPI’s and long term goals. Let’s get to know each other and see how we can be of service to you.

Welcome to the
Leaders Who Care® series

Meet Inspiring Leaders Who Care®

Human Element - Recruitment

Imagine your reputation as a leader with the foresight to prioritize social impact and purpose as crucial elements to the success of your organization.

No matter your industry or the current culture that exists within the bounds of your company, as Leaders Who Care® you bring focus and passion around the ways your organization can achieve a greater purpose and mission in the world. We commit customized teams to partner with Leaders Who Care® about their talent, in all industries, from local to global communities. Our approach is consistent in taking seriously the representation of each client, their reputation and brand, by the relationships we have with their executives and management, and the knowledge we have of their business and opportunities. At the end of the day, people join people.

We commit customized teams to each search, ensuring each consultant offers complimentary expertise and experiences, to best evaluate candidates on their character and specific qualifications. Each search has a focus on identifying individuals of ethnicity, attracting diverse candidates, and securing the best (not just the best available), ‘right fit, culture add’ individuals. Each search team includes a Partner, recruitment and research professionals, and select leaders and experts from our community which Forbes called “an outstanding global brain trust network.” This unique advantage of depth and diversity of our team and relationships leads to warm recommendations to professionals who are only interested to learn of special opportunities, with organizations with purpose, and a business model inclusive of social impact.

Our ability as retained search partners ensures the potential candidates’ trust in us, their confidence in our client’s commitment to attract the best talent, and in the confidentiality each requires. We commit to long term relationships, true partners to the success of your business, talent and making a difference in the world, together.

The 5th Element Differentiation

Human Element - D&I

Cultivating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and desired will prove to have a high return for your company.

It’s clear that diversity brings valuable unique experiences, ideas and strategies, from the Production to the Board Rooms. Inclusion is all about maximizing opportunity for all individuals to benefit, and contribute to the organization. The principals and values are industry agnostic. Capitalize positively on both the common values as well as the differences, by treating everyone equally, recognizing their individuality and the team.

We initially conduct a Discovery exercise to learn about your “why”, vision and overall objectives, specifically with respect to Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality. This knowledge is critical to make customized recommendations, achieve your expected goals and manage the challenges and opportunities ahead. Setting up from scratch, to consulting with your leaders on creating and implementing programs, we will partner with and be of service to you. We have the expertise on our executive search team to evaluate and recommend individuals as ‘right fit, culture add’ candidates for your Chief Diversity and/or Inclusion Officer position(s). Our differentiation lies in the combined expertise and global experiences in corporate, search and consulting in this arena, over many industries, understanding the intertwining within multiple sectors and people within your organization, and how to maximize the impact on opportunities and benefits for your Talent, Business and Community.

Human Element - Vision Casting

People buy from brands they trust — brands that relate to them on a human level. They also want to work there. Cultivating a vision for your social impact journey has the power to take your company to the next level of growth.

5th Element Group is a global Impact Consultancy which partners with Leaders Who Care® about and understand the higher value of a business model intertwined with Social Enterprise. The result is a clear, positive impact on attracting and retaining the most sought after talent, who are the best individuals to develop; on sustainable business economics and growth; on your local and global communities, and comes back full circle. Our vision casted is to be your complete partner to achieve the business and social impact you strive for; thus, through a relationship understanding that every decision and strategic action brands who you are, and every action is connected in your life, we address just that in every aspect and from diverse perspectives.

Human Element - Wellness

You are more than your money – you have passions that guide you, relationships that keep you loyal, and responsibilities to uphold. We take all that in mind when serving you in your impact journey.

Leaders Who Care® about the wellbeing of their people, glean the benefits. Together with our partners, we offer you differentiating, innovative resources and tools for the wellbeing of your employees and management team, highlighted by the following:

  • Impact Journeys helps families and wealth advisors navigate the rapidly changing impact landscape, to ensure they have access to cutting-edge thinking, best practices, events and communities in turning their impact goals into a reality.
  • Nonflict is the foundation of true engagement for everyone in a family, company, nonprofit, or community. The Nonflict way is a simple, effective 3-step method that provides a structured approach to conflict resolution, empathy, trust and safe spaces.

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Mark Sadovnick

Executive, Management, and Boards. Private Equity; Finance. Agribiz, Cannabis; Multi Industry.
Los Angeles

Elissa Fisher Harris

Corporate Wellbeing. Gender Equality. Marketing. Branding Strategies.
Los Angeles

Jamie Gold

Strategic Partner and Rainmaker
Los Angeles

Joelle Jarvis

Strategic Advisor
Los Angeles

Shauna Arnott

Entrepreneurs, Startups; Education and Knowledge. Socioeconomic impact.
Toronto, Canada

Courtney Bickert

Global Social Impact, nonprofits; Foundations ; DEI
Washington, DC

Barbara Bickham

Founder, CTO; Emerging Technology, Women Entrepreneurs, Investors
Los Angeles, CA

David Bray

Executive, Leadership, Impact. Bio, Space, Technology, Data, People.
Washington DC

Dan Chambers

Healthcare. Technology. Insurance. Wellbeing. Digital Sales, Marketing.
Valencia, California

Alain Chetrit

Entrepreneurs/Founders, Knowledge Pledge. Team-building Transformational Thought-Leader; Finance. Marketing.
New York City

Carol Daly

Executive Search. ERP Technologies. Application & Software Development. IT Infrastructure. AI. Cloud Computing

Mike DiGregorio

Boards. Agribusiness, Consumer Products, Distribution. Finance.
Westlake Village, California

Patsy Doerr

Diversity & Inclusion. Gender Equality. CSR & Sustainability.
New York City

Pierce Dunn

Global Social Impact, The Knowledge Pledge, Skillsets Evaluation
Santa Barbara, CA

Henri Eliot

Board of Directors
Advisory & Consultation
Auckland, New Zealand

Brian Finlay

National Security, Nonprofit Management, Team Building & Leadership, Global affairs
Washington, DC

Pratik Gauri

Technology, Telecommunications. Marketing, Sales. Social Media.
New Delhi, India

Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

Ethnicity, Belonging. Diversity & Inclusion Corporate & Community
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stephen Hecht

Nonflict- Constructive Conflict to Innovation. Corporate and Personal Peace. Leadership for Collaboration
Montreal, Canada

Stephen Ibaraki

Venture Capital. AI for Good. Boards. Futurist. Global Influencer
Vancouver, Canada

Eli Ingraham

Social Entrepreneur; Impact Advisor and Investor; Tech for Good; Shared Prosperity; Systems View

Scott Lewis

Non-profit, NGO and Corporate Boards. Organization Operations

Carolyn Livingstone

Research & Candidate Development. Multi Industry.
Toronto, Canada

Corey Livingstone

Research. Recruitment.
Candidate Development.
Toronto, Canada

Ed Martin

Consumer Products. Corp Marketing, Branding. UN, Government.

Vincent Molinari

Media; Digital Assets; FinTech, Blockchain; Impact
New York City

Gayle Jennings O’Byrne

Investment. Technology. Philanthropy. Diversity, Inclusion, Gender Equality.
New York City

Susan Oh

Blockchain, AI. Technology. Strategy.
New York City

Amanda Ponzar

Communications and PR; Social Impact/CSR; Nonprofits; Health and Wellbeing
Washington, DC

Declan Ramsaran

Family Office, Multigen wealth, SRI, ESG, BOD, Financial services, Nonprofits
Toronto, Canada

Scott Rehmus

Family Office. Investment. Executive Coaching. Impact Journeys

Mary Elizabeth Russell

Special Projects Leader Research, Communications
Durham, North Carolina

Neil Sahota

AI for Good. Technology.
IBM Master Inventor.
Irvine, California

Dipak Shah

Exec Management. Emerging, Growth Businesses. Technology. Engineering. Sales. Investment Banking.
San Francisco, CA

Jeff Sparrow

Technology. Innovation. Strategy.
Irvine, California

David Swintosky

Strategic Consulting. Investment Banking. Growth Startups.
Raleigh, NC

Emilie Sydney-Smith

Strategy, Large Corporate, Exponential Growth, Valuation
Sydney, Australia

Daniella Taveau

Corporate Vision, Global Strategy; Biz Dev, Trade, Regulation; Deal Negotiation
Washington, DC

Tracy Tuens

Wealth management, Family Offices. Investment, Impact, Innovation
San Francisco, CA

Carolyn Vaeth

Benefits, Pensions, Tax; Women Education & Empowerment
New York, NY

Jim Van Eerden

Investment. Marketing Strategy. Financial, Sports & Entertainment.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Chris Wedding

Climate tech, Renewable Energy. Impact Investment. Boards. Education.
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Deirdre White

International Development, Corporate Citizenship, Multi Industry
Ft. Washington, Maryland

Warren Wirth

SaaS Solutions for Human Capital Management; HR, Biz Dev, Sales & Partnerships
Miami/Fort Lauderdale