Joby Weeks | SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

Joby Weeks | SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation


Joby Weeks | Better known as Joby-Wan Kenobi (May the force be with you)

SDG 6 | Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG Object | Shirt of Many Colors

“My SDGoal was Clean Water powering Geothermal Energy running Bitcoin miners to secure the blockchain and free humanity… with a beard! Joby Weeks Adventure Capitalist. Philanthropic Explorer.”

Having only learned about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recently, I decided to look them up and see if my work over the last couple of decades matched any of the goals. I was surprised to see that I’ve been working on every single one of them!

The SDGs are represented by different colors, which is why I have chosen this shirt to be my SDG Object of choice. Joby and the shirt of many colors!

I LIV them everyday!

For instance:

I have a Clean Water project (#6) that uses a compostable water bottle made out of plants. (#12) And of course for every case of water that we sell we donate a percentage to CharityWater.orgwhich drills wells all over the world. (#11)

We use clean green geo-thermal energy (#7) to run our Bitcoin miners (#9), which secure the blockchain, (#9) which is helping to lift people out of poverty, because they can now move money all around the world without having to ask for permission from a bank or government. (#1) This is a HUGE deal!

People need education, not medication! (#4) I have spent close to 20 years teaching people how to stay healthy (#3) so they don’t need to take deadly, debilitating, destructive, addictive, toxic, pharmaceutical drugs!

Every time we sell our wellness tech, we donate the same amount of product to a malnourished orphan. (#2) We are currently feeding 250,000 children around the world every day with the best nutrition known to science.

We created an opportunity where men and women can make a full time income sharing the gift of wellness and blockchain technology with their friends and loved ones. (#8) We pay both men and women the same. (#5) In fact, over 80% of Women who make $100k a year or more, did it through Network Marketing and Direct Sales. I love empowering people to become business owners instead of wage slaves!

I have invested in many frontier technology companies that all tackle the SDGs. Too many to list. Here are some of them that I am most excited about.

I helped start a University that trains people how to code for blockchain projects. (#4)

I bought a Hemp Farm to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (#13) and create CBD products at the same time. (#3) I have funded several documentaries that expose geo engineering, aerosol spraying and population control…(#4)

I funded a company that is crowdfunding solar farms in Africa called the Sun Exchange. Our latest project was an elephant orphanage. They now have power and the investors now have an income stream. (#11)

I’ve spent millions developing tech that can convert heat into electricity. (#9) and (#7) There is heat everywhere! When energy is “free” then your food and water become free, your heating and air conditioning becomes free… transportation becomes free (if you drive a tesla) basically everything becomes free because we can convert energy into almost anything! Talk about eliminating inequality! (#10) Don’t even get me started on my 3D printing business. (#9)

I’ve invested and helped found a real estate company called Social Equity which helps get the average person into their first home as an OWNER 15 years earlier than the current global credit system will allow. Turning the millions of renters into homeowners will really help eliminate poverty and inequality because now people will be participating in capitalism! (property ownership being one of the pillars of capitalism) (#15) I’ve also been working on a crowdfunding app for large real estate development projects. (#1) and (#11) I invested in a submarine company called Aquatica too. We recently took Sir Richard Branson and Fabian Cousteau to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize. It was aired on Discovery Channel! We mapped it all out with sophisticated sonar equipment for science as well! What a blast! (#14)

What drives me to tackle ALL of the SDGs? My daughter… baby Liberty. She will one day be Lady Liberty. As a Libertarian father I believe all human interactions should be voluntary. I believe it’s morally wrong and illegitimate to use force, fraud and coercion to get one’s way. The Non Aggression principle is one of the pillars of peace, prosperity and freedom! (#16) There can be no justice without it. So as you can imagine, its all I talk about!

I’ve traveled to 150+ countries of the world looking for like minded people to partner with to achieve these goals! (#17)

My wife runs an awesome travel company called where we bring our friends on EPIC trips all over the world with us. We would love for you to join us as we check things off the bucket list or as I like to say, the LIV LIST. It is not one of the SDGs, but we are going to do it anyways! Join us and LIV a GREAT story!