Pari Ibrahim | SDG 5 – Gender Equity

Pari Ibrahim | SDG 5 – Gender Equity


Pari Ibrahim | Founder and Executive Director, Free Yezidi Foundation

SDG 5 | Gender Equity

SDG Object | Peacock

“Gender equality matters. Showing that it matters strengthens those that are living with inequality. Many of the women appreciate seeing women leaders, it shows that, in the future, equality can be achieved. With this in mind, strength to fight for equality rises.

I look every day when I wake up to this peacock. The peacock is the symbol of the Yezidi religion. It shows me strength and beauty. I grew up in a community where women are not granted equal rights and opportunities. We are all human beings, we all belong on this earth, yet we forget or are not willing to recognize that some people of different religions or genders are not treated with respect and dignity. My peacock has equal feathers. When the peacock opens its feathers, they are equal in length and beauty. The strength of wisdom of our people and of our gender should be recognized and respected equally as others, and we will fight until it is so.”